Marriage License Information for the San Diego Weddings

Marriage License Information for your wedding ceremony in the
San Juan Islands and Seattle Washington

There is a 3 day waiting period after you purchase your marriage license in the State of Washington.
You may purchase your license any where in the state and bring it with you to the San Juan Islands


Both applicants must be at least 18 years of age or older and picture identification is required showing birth date.
If one or both applicants are 17 years of age they must be accompanied
by one parent or legal custodian that provides their consent.
If one or both applicants are under the age of 17 they must obtain permission from the Juvenile Court.

There is no residency requirement.

If divorced, proof of divorce is not required but divorce must be final.

Application must be made a minimum of 3 days prior to marriage
as there is a 3 day waiting period and no exceptions can be made.

Licenses issued by San Juan County are valid anywhere in the State of Washington.
License is valid for 60 days.
FEES Marriage License $61.00 (Includes 1 certified copy) Payable at the time of application in cash or check

Non-refundable Fees are authorized and established by the State Legislature.

THREE-DAY WAITING PERIOD A 3-day waiting period is mandatory in Washington State.
If you will be in San Juan County at least 3 days prior to the ceremony,
you can stop by the Courthouse to pay for and pick up your marriage license.

If you will not be in San Juan County at least 3 days prior to the ceremony,
you will need to have the application notarized locally
and then mail it to us in time to be received at least 3 days prior to the ceremony.
OR purchase the license in the county clerks office in the county you live in and bring it with you.

Here is the link for the application for San Juan County; here

Snohomish County here

King County Marriage License information here


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San Diego Marriage License Information

How to get your "San Diego Marriage License" for San Diego wedding venues.

You will need to bring your marriage license from the San Diego County clerks office
to your wedding ceremony, we will sign it at the ceremony
and file it with the appropriate county after the ceremony.

Yes, you can be married the same day you purchase your license!

Licenses may be purchased in any California office that issues marriage licenses.
Be sure to purchase a "public" marriage license, the less expensive license if you are
purchasing your license in another county in California and bringing it with you to San Diego County.
"Confidential" licenses MUST be used in county they are purchased in.

For San Diego County, an appointment is required.
Please call to confirm what documents they require you to bring
Normally, it is government issued photo ID. If you are under 18,
there are other requirements, they can best tell you the process.

Their number is 619.237. 0502

San Diego Marriage Licenses can be purchased at the San Diego Co Admin Bldg
1600 Pacific Highway Room 273 San Diego, CA 92101

Appointment hours are 8-4:30 ---(subject to change~double check!)
Monday -Friday for all offices Closed major holidays
You can obtain your license the same day as the wedding, or up to 90 days before.

To receive your official, certified copy,
you will need to contact the county directly AFTER the ceremony to obtain a certified copy of your license.

Their number is 619.237.0502