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Wedding Ceremony of Elizabeth and David

On behalf of Elizabeth and David, it is my honor to welcome everyone here today.

Elizabeth, David...
Today you are surrounded by your family and friends on the
beautiful beaches of Roche Harbor. All of those have gathered
to witness your marriage and to share in this, your initimate small wedding, are here to share
in the joy of this occasion, which will be one of the most memorable and happiest days of your life.

You each bring to this marriage your own personality
and spirit to form a union created by friendship, respect and love.
Although marriage symbolizes the intimate sharing of two lives,
it should not diminish but enhance each individuals spirit.
A lasting marriage should continually grow in understanding and respect.
Consideration of each others feelings and needs grows out of truly caring for the other.
Because of this caring, it is possible to share the joys and successes
as well as the sorrows and failures. You must give of each other in love
but not give yourself away. A good and balanced relationship is one in which neither person is overpowered or absorbed by the other.
It is a union that is equal in strength and fragility which is born and reborn over the years.
As is the custom on this occasion to give and receive gifts,
David and Elizabeth wish these gifts for each other:
~ steadily deepening love which grows in mutual respect and unselfishness
~ a measure of patience as they learn about each other
~the ability to communicate so that they many be saved
from hurtful words spoken in anger or grudges nurtured in silence
~a sense of humor that they may laugh at themselves
and with others ~the strength and courage as they face life's sorrows
~a sense of values to care more for people than possessions,
for honor more than honors, and for a home rather than a house
~ and a good memory that they may remember the path that led them to each other.

As you know no minister, priest, rabbi or public official can marry you.
Only you can marry each other by making a mutual commitment to each other.
The vows you are about to exchange represent your pledge to each other.
For it is not the words that bind you together as one,
but it is the love and commitment each of you feel deep within your soul.

David, do you take Elizabeth to be your wedded wife?
Will you love, comfort, honor and respect her? Will you share all life has to offer,
your hopes and dreams, your achievements and disappointments with her from this day forward?

Elizabeth, do you take David to be your wedded husband?
Will you love, comfort, honor, and respect him? Will you share all life has to offer,
your hopes and dreams, your achievements and disappointments with him from this day forward?

The vows which have been exchanged are but words that are fleeting
and the sound of them is soon gone.
The wedding rings become an enduring symbol of the promises which have been made.

David, will you repeat after me:
With this ring I thee wed, as a symbol of my commitment to you.
Elizabeth, will you repeat after me:
With this ring I thee wed, as a symbol of my commitment to you.

I now pronounce you husband and wife.

You may seal your vows with a kiss. It is my pleasure to be the first
to present to you Elizabeth and David Alexander,
our newly married couple- as husband and wife!

You are welcome to write your own vows, or to use the samples we provide for you.
We encourage the ceremony to be a reflection of you as a couple
and welcome and honor your input, suggestions and style.

Once you reserve your ceremony date and time with us,
we'll email over a packet of sample ceremonies for you to begin the process.







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